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Affiliations and Professional Designations

Professional Community Association Manager - PCAM

A PCAM is a professional who has earned the highest level of recognition for managers awarded by Community Associations Institute (CAI). Through advanced training and education, the PCAM designation helps ensure that the manager has the knowledge, experience, and integrity to provide the best possible service to your association. PCAM designees have made a commitment to continuing education and adhere to a professional code of ethics.

Certified Community Association Manager - CCAM

The CCAM® (Certified Community Association Manager) program was developed to establish and ensure standards of practice and professionalism in managing California community associations. The process entails meeting specific requirements and qualifications, including successful completion of the CACMSM Core Law and Ethics Courses, as well as a six month minimum experience requirement. Individuals participating in the program enjoy continued personal and professional growth in the industry.

In order to promote and enhance a high level of professional conduct among its membership, the California Association of Community Mangers ("CACMsm") has adopted the following Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Practice. These guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Directors of CACM as the official rules of conduct which apply to all individual Managers whether or not they are also a Certified Community Association Manager ("CCAM®"), Non-member Certified Managers of CACM, and to any affiliated management firm recognized by CACM

The Executive Council of Homeowners (ECHO) is a nonprofit membership corporation dedicated to assisting California homeowners associations. ECHO provides help to homeowners associations on many fronts: finances, legal issues, insurance, maintenance, and management. Members receive help through conferences, trade shows, seminars, a 48-page monthly magazine, and publications.