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Managing Communities in San Jose

Every community in the San Jose area is different. That's why American Management Services specializes in meeting the unique needs of each Homeowners Association in the area with the highest quality management services. Because we understand the important role each member of the volunteer board plays to support your housing community, we are committed to providing close, personal supervision of all properties under our care.

American Management Services is guided by our appreciation for the incredibly important task of reducing your San Jose community's expenses and enhancing the long-term value of your properties. The HOA management we provide includes practices like:

• Board education and governance
• Accounting and collection services
• Site reviews, compliance, and regular maintenance
• Homeowner participation in sub-committees
• 24-hour emergency services with on-call staff members
• Vendor selection and cost reduction services
• Construction and projection management oversight

The selection of your Homeowners Association management company is one of the most important decisions any board makes on behalf of their community membership. American Management Services welcomes the opportunity to discuss how we can work with you and your fellow San Jose HOA board members to strengthen communication, trust, and mutual respect for the benefit of your community.

San Jose HOA Management