Disclosure Packets for Unit Sales

Sunnyvale Community Management

At American Management Services, we know how much you value your Sunnyvale property investment. In order to protect and enhance the appeal of your property, our goal is to help you create a perfect community environment that you love to call home.

American Management Services is proud to be recognized in the Sunnyvale region for our industry expertise. What most HOA management companies offer is to simply oversee your bookkeeping and perform routine inspections. While we offer all of those services and more, our highly personalized services for residents and board members alike are what set us apart from other HOA management companies.

We want your HOA Board to feel comfortable while we provide tailor-made services like:

• Attendance of Board meetings
• Detailed correspondence with homeowners, vendors, and attorneys
• Bi-weekly banking services
• Legal advisory services
• New Association set-up and Management
• Monthly detailed financial reporting
• 24-hour emergency services with on-call staff members
• Contractor interfacing

The process of selecting a Homeowners Association management company is an incredibly important decision for your Sunnyvale HOA board. But if your association's collective goal is to establish a relationship with a company that can guide you through important financial and operational decisions, you need to find one you can trust.